First blog post: I quit Social Media to start Blogging


I know, you can find another meme out there saying that “One does not simply quit Facebook or Instagram … or Twitter “.

But yes, I did left social media 2 months ago and I have never felt better.

Better in a sense that I no longer have to read and get dragged along in other people’s drama, or even worse, stare at a gallery of duck face selfies.

With that aside, I too no longer have to let everybody know, what I am doing at the moment and where, and even divulge how I feel. I just firmly no longer believe that my friends and a few strangers truly care about my opinions and revelations, so why even bother try to keep up with a new post.

The actual main reason why I left Facebook and Instagram, is because of my new found addiction to Pinterest ( … isn’t it another Social Media platform?). Yes, it is another form of social media site, but it allows you to connect with people with whom you share a common passion with … minus the drama.


From one pin to another, Pinterest got me hooked in an instant. And every pin lead me to compelling articles, written by bloggers from all over the world.

I started religiously reading posts from every blogger I stumbled upon, and this has, in one way or another, inspired me to create my own blog.

Blogging, as I have heard or read in the net, may not be as easy as it seems, especially for those who intend to monetize from it. There are several blogs out there, that actually took years to be recognized. Every blogger started with zero views and followers.

But this does not stop me. After quitting “InstaFace” , I started doing the Bullet Journal thing, however it was sometimes overwhelming to make all these lists and prompts.

Since I am very much of a self-talker, I find blogging a perfect tool to get the things out of my head, hoping someone out there could relate and benefit from it.

I know I should not completely leave the social media realm behind, in fact I am pretty much aware too, that it is vital to use it as a marketing machine to reach out to people you share common interests with.

On the other hand, for now,  my personal blog will be my daily driving force to share what I know with the world, hoping to make the connections and build a community of like minded people.

There will be no drama … just ideas shared for the common good.

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