CITYMALL Dumaguete Opening

Last August 8, 2017 another mall opened in our tiny, vibrant city.




As for me, being a minimalist convert, this may not spark some excitement but my kids were ecstatic to hear that their grandpa had allowed them to spend the Sunday afternoon there.

It is situated just a few meters away from our Provencial Hospital and it is just right along our national highway. You can just imagine the kind of traffic it created. ☹️

We arrived there just in time for an early lunch, hoping that we could easily find a place to dine. But I was wrong. All the fast food restos were gathered in one place making the entire food-court jammed and packed with people.

By just looking at the crowd filling up the tables was just horrifying and we were starving. To make matters worse my kids wanted different menus. So, I had to line up at two separate fast food chains. 😩

It took us nearly an hour to get our orders together and but it took us only around 15 minutes to eat them all. You can’t help but rush because people come up to your table, staring and waiting for you to finish so they can take over.

After being well-fed, we headed straight to FUN NATION which was just beside the food court and played a few arcades before exiting to check the rest of the area.


We had a few chocolate crinkles and some Tacos with cheese while roaming around. And we even stopped to sit for 15 minutes on a massage chair. It worked some of its magic on me for just 20 Pesos.

What made me happy the most was this small lemonade stand. It’s not just that I love lemonade or all things lemon, but they are just hard to find here … especially the freshly squeezed ones. Of course you can buy lemons at the supermarkets, some imported from the US and even China and squeeze them yourself, but it always helps to have one that is easily available and fresh at the same time.




Your 50 Pesos is definitely worth sipping after reading the health benefits of lemons.

We were actually planning to go to the supermarket before heading home but we just found out that it’ll open in October.

‘Til next time then!

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